outsourced marketing agency

If your company sells to companies how do you know what kind of marketing to do and how do you afford everything you need?
These include the strategic skills to develop a coherent structured plan to managing the different activities to make sure it all
comes together to generate more revenue.

It can be difficult to make B2B marketing work, that’s why we offer a complete marketing department service. Whether it’s digital marketing,
content, PR, event management, sales collateral, social media or branding, we figure out what needs to be done and then we do it.

Our team becomes your marketing department we work on site at your company every week. We integrate with your in house team so you get the best
out of a senior resource with all the benefits of an outside relationship. We bring years of experience, flexible capacity to deal with peaks in demand,
new ideas and most important accountability.

Working with FMA outsourced marketing will generate more leads and increase sales, so you don’t have to worry if your marketing is working.
We have helped numerous companies generate a step change in the amount business leads they are generating and increase profits all on a budget that makes sense.


Head of digital, Mark Harrison has been working in digital marketing for over 20 years… 

“Everything that can be migrated onto digital platforms ultimately will be – 10 years ago when I was with PA Consulting and Saatchi and Saatchi
most companies allocated 10% of their marketing budget to digital channels the balance into print, TV, radio and other traditional mediums.
Over the last 10 years the distribution of budgets has shifted considerably with approximately 90% now spent on digital channels.
We are now seeing companies emerging who are nearly 100% digital and this trend will only gather pace.”

We provide innovative, sustainable, smart affordable solutions to our customers.


At fma we help companies redefine their business to successfully compete in our increasingly digital world. Here at fma we believe so strongly in this that
we have changed the way view our own business model by combining digital consultancy with traditional agency services in an entirely new way.
We partner with businesses on their journey of digital transformation.

If a company needs strategic advice we can do that. If they require us to support the execution and implementation we can do that as well.
At the core of fma is an entrepreneurial spirit, we act fast and adapt quickly, from one day strategy workshops to full solutions in months not years.
Digital is an opportunity to grow a chance to find new and imaginative ways to secure your company’s future.

fma ecommerce

fma has a solid basis in technology and can provide solutions from a feature rich, omni channel Magento based ecommerce platform to
bespoke solutions for the more complex needs. All complemented with our award winning design and marketing services which include SEO,
PPC, social media and affiliate programs.